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  • Project Date June 30, 2018
  • Client Belgian Govenment
  • Categories Public, International
  • Budget Not Disclosed

Belgium Meets China

In response to the need for increased tourism and business investment from China, the Belgian federal government initiated a comprehensive campaign. Focused on strengthening Belgium-China relations, the campaign aimed to showcase Belgium’s strategic European position, its rich cultural heritage, and the mutual benefits of the China-Belgium Technology Center. By emphasizing Belgium’s welcoming message and diverse attractions, from art and education to gastronomy and technology, the initiative sought to capture the interest of a broad Chinese audience, spanning tourists to investors.

Crafting the Message

Advanced scripting and strategic filming in both Belgium and China captured the essence of Belgium’s appeal, supported by the Belgian government’s existing visuals and new footage from Beijing. The resulting videos, available in English, French, and Chinese, were crafted,  celebrating mutual respect and cooperation, ensuring relevance and appeal across a broad Chinese audience.

Bridging Markets

Successfully launched at various promotional events across China, the campaign has significantly boosted Belgium’s visibility as a prime tourism and business destination. Leveraging the powerful network of the Belgian embassy and consulates, the videos have become a cornerstone of Belgium’s promotional efforts in China, demonstrating the potential of targeted, culturally aware marketing to forge stronger international connections.