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  • Project Date 2023-2024
  • Client Focus Eye Clinic
  • Categories Healthcare, Clinic

Excellence at Every Level

Focus Eye Clinic, renowned for its commitment in proving the highest service to its patients, sought our support to enhance patient communication. By partnering with us, they aimed to elevate their patient experience and streamline information dissemination throughout their clinic.

photo clinique

Strategic Video Integration

We thoroughly understood their processes and identified key points where video could enhance patient communication. We created three formats: a long-form documentary for their waiting room, detailed operation explanations, and clear post-operative guidelines, all designed to engage, educate, and reassure patients. All videos were created in French and Dutch.

Enhanced Patient Experience

The documentary boosted overall awareness and improved the clinic’s image. The operation explanation videos educated and reassured patients, allowing them to rewatch with family. The post-operative guideline videos significantly reduced team workload and improved the quality of care for patients.

photo Clinique
Our results

Impact on the Clinic

Educational Impact

85% of patients reported feeling more informed and reassured after watching the operation explanation videos.

Reduced Workload

Staff workload related to patient education and follow-up calls decreased by 20%, allowing more focus on patient care.

Family Engagement

90% of patients appreciated being able to share the operation videos with family members, enhancing their understanding and support.

Consistent Information

95% of patients reported receiving consistent and clear post-operative instructions, reducing confusion and improving recovery outcomes.

The portfolio

Focus Eye Clinic in Video