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  • Project Date May 17, 2023
  • Client Avertim
  • Categories International, Consulting

Avertim Video Shift

Avertim, an expanding consultancy, chose Oryzon for a vital shift to video-first marketing on LinkedIn, highlighting their expertise and corporate life. This strategic pivot was aimed at increasing their European market presence, attracting top-tier talent, and showcasing their innovative project portfolio and thought leadership.

Strategic Blueprint

Our approach centered on elevating Avertim’s brand by showcasing projects and consultants, highlighting industry expertise, and capturing the company’s vibrant culture. We implemented a strategy that involved profiling key consultants, creating narrative-driven content, and spotlighting Avertim’s thought leadership to bolster their market position.

A Successful Partnership

The results of our collaboration with Avertim were substantial: a robust talent pipeline fueled by persuasive recruitment videos, a surge in business through strategic project highlights, and an invigorated company culture celebrated in vibrant life-at-company features, all contributing to a notable increase in brand visibility and market engagement.

Our results

KPIs of the projects


All videos together enhanced brand visibility, reaching 20% of followers and achieving 42 views per 100 impressions, significantly boosting awareness.


Project presentation videos boosted client inquiries by 15%, converting 3% of video viewers into new business opportunities​.


Our recruitment videos increased graduate applications by 25%, converting 10% of viewers into applicants, attracting top talent effectively


Promoting employees in videos increased internal engagement by 30%, fostering brand ambassadors and reducing turnover by 29%.

The portfolio

Avertim in Video