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  • Project Date August 20, 2023
  • Client Cardiogoal
  • Categories Small Organization
  • Budget Not Disclosed

Cardiogoal's Debut

Cardiogoal is a new inclusive sport created in France. Responding to Cardiogoal’s need for greater awareness and player recruitment, we developed a holistic content strategy. The strategy aimed not just at showcasing the sport but also at securing official recognition and support, highlighting the sport’s inclusive values and its potential for international growth.

Strategic Content Creation

Our strategy centered on creating engaging content to showcase Cardiogoal’s uniqueness and values. This included a detailed presentation video, highlighting the sport’s rules, values, and the founder’s vision, alongside aftermovies and team capsules to engage potential players and sponsors. Custom visual branding unified our messaging across platforms, enhancing brand recognition.

Achieving Global Recognition

Our content strategy not only expanded Cardiogoal’s visibility but also played a pivotal role in the founder’s selection as an Olympic flame ambassador for the 2024 Paris games. This milestone, coupled with the exposure on french TV, significantly boosted Cardiogoal’s profile, marking a major step towards obtaining government accreditation and securing future subsidies.