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  • Project Date September 17, 2023
  • Client Electrodepot
  • Categories B2C, Campaign
  • Budget Not disclosed

Electrodepot Campaign Kickoff

Partnering with Electrodepot, Oryzon launched a multi-faceted marketing campaign for the Valberg washing machine. Tailoring content to appeal to budget-conscious families and couples seeking quality deals, we developed and disseminated highly engaging video ads. This campaign, marked by its strategic narrative and compelling visuals, significantly amplified product visibility across digital platforms.

Creative Process

Our approach included crafting a storyboard and script that emphasized the Valberg’s new technology and unmatched price. By producing videos in both 30 and 15-second formats, and adapting for 16:9 and square visuals, we ensured comprehensive coverage across Google, YouTube, and Facebook, maximizing reach and engagement.

Impactful Results

The campaign achieved exceptional outcomes: a surge in product visibility and a remarkable €500k in sales within two weeks. Notably, our content outperformed internal efforts, earning widespread appreciation and notably boosting online sales, as confirmed by Electrodepot’s feedback. This success has paved the way for ten more planned marketing campaigns in 2024, reinforcing Oryzon’s role in driving recurrent performance for top products.